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Annual Meeting July 6, 2008
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July 6, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 11 A.M., at the Fire House by President Gary Standley.

The minutes of the July 2007 Annual Meeting were approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the Treasurer's report and it was approved as read.

Gary Standley gave his statement reviewing the past year. He thanked everyone who helped on completing the Trinity Village sign. The flowers are planted now and it looks great. He also thanked everyone that worked on the newsletter. Nancy Standley and Diana Lynn are already starting on next year's letter. They will be doing more on the history of Trinity Village and asked for information from everyone.

Steve Packard gave a report from Hawkins Bar VFD. He passed out information on making defensible fire space around our property. With the current fire season in full swing, it is important we keep our homes safe.

Steve also reminded us that it is important that our street numbers are visible in case of a fire or medical emergency. Stencils are available from the Standleys (629-2415) if you need to paint your numbers somewhere at or near the entrance of your property.

Steve also thanked all of the volunteers in the department. Having our own volunteer department here it keeps our insurance costs down. If anyone is interested in being a volunteer, please contact someone on the department. They have training meetings every Thursday night at the Fire 6 p.m.

Gary Standley reported on the TVIA sponsored Neighborhood Watch. We now have 13 volunteers. He also thanked TVIA for their support and continuous work on the Neighborhood Watch vehicle. The Trinity County Sheriff's Department does not cruise the Village on a regular basis. It is so important to have our Neighborhood Watch patrol. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Gary Standley, or let any of the volunteers know.


Gary asked for suggestions on Village improvement for the current year. He suggested replacing some of our old signs with new metal signs and it was approved. There was also a suggestion to remove some of the blackberry vines at the entrance. It was suggested that we wait on that until berry picking was over.


Vince Freemantle reminded us to check with 911 for emergency calls and make sure that you are dispatched through Trinity County. You can verify this by calling your phone company or by making a non-emergency call to 911 and asking them.

Nancy Standley gave her report on the TVIA's Trinity Village web site. We get about 100 hits a month. During this fire season it has been very helpful to get information on all of the fires around us from the website and email alerts.

Nancy also reported on our TVIA's Emergency Telephone Alert system now in place. The list of people on the automatic call list is growing. The cost to TVIA is approximately $14.00 per 200 calls. It has been used during this fire season for evacuation information. Please sign up if you are not already on the list by calling Nancy (629-2415).

The final item of business was the election of new board members and officers. The slate proposed by the current Board was approved by a show of hands as follows:


Gary Standley - President
Dorothy Fullam - Treasurer
Audrey Brown - Secretary


Naomi Hunt
Carol Draper
Vince Freemantle
Gary Dodson
Nancy Standley
Pat Briggs

Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Brown, Secretary

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