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Our pristine area is prone to year round electrical outages and wildfires. Be sure to have your entire family involved in creating a fire safe home and an emergency plan. Include a communication plan, emergency supplies kit, and an evacuation plan. Once you've finalized your strategy, practice and review it at least once a year to make any necessary changes.

Flooding river, Spring 2006

Basic Emergency Items:

One gallon of Water per person per day
Canned and Dried Foods
Can Opener
Prescription Medications
Toilet Articles
First Aid Kit
Battery Operated Radio
Extra Batteries
Land Line Phone (for power outage)


Many Trinity County homeowners were caught unprepared for the recent cold snap. Some people who think that they are only dealing with frozen pipes will have a rude awakening as the weather warms and water starts to flow.

Plumbers offer the following advice for keeping pipes from freezing and thawing them if they do:

*Keep a safe heater on, even if you are taking a trip or turn everything off and drain your systems.

*Indoors, keep water trickling from faucets.

*Pump houses should be heated.

*The plumbing for clothes washing machines kept in garages or other unheated areas should be warmed with a trouble light.

*Outdoor plumbing such as hose bibs and irrigation systems should have been turned off and drained and swamp cooler lines disconnected. Hoses should be removed for frost-free bibs so they will drain.

*If your pipes do freeze but have not burst, they can be slowly thawed with a light bulb or hair dryer. NEVER use an open flame like a blow torch todo this!

* After thawing a frozen pipe, protect it with a heat source or products to insulate the pipe.

For More Detailed Information:
Red Cross 1-707-443-4521 (Eureka)
Red Cross 530-243-3021 (Redding)
PG&E Power Outages:
Caltrans Road Conditions:

Click here for Red Cross

Click here for FEMA