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To Report a Crime, Suspicious Activity, or Problem:

Trinity County Sheriff:

Meth/Drug Hotline for Trinity County:

Humboldt County Meth Task Force

Humboldt County Meth Hotline

Trinity County Child Protective Services:

Trinity County Animal Control:

Poaching and Pollution:

EMERGENCIES: Fire, Sheriff, CHP, Medical
Call 911

The Trinity County Sheriff's Department has activated a methamphetamine hotline in hopes that tips will pour in from people reluctant to go through other channels. Although it is called a methamphetamine hotline, persons can call to report on other drugs as well. To report any suspected drug activity, call (530) 623-8116

Callers can provide information anonymously over the hotline. However, providing your name does lend credibility and make it easier to obtain a search warrant. Contrary to what many believe, it does not mean that the caller will have to testify in court.

Hotline callers will reach the answering machine of Sgt. Royce "Butch" Grossman (the officer in charge of narcotics) and Narcotics Officer Omar Brown. If callers wish to speak to one of the officers directly, they can leave a message or call through dispatch at (530) 623-2611.


Due to our rural setting, we also need to be concerned about the welfare of Village residents and their property. Get to know your neighbors. In addition to having their Village phone numbers, be sure to have any other contact phone numbers. We all must be on the alert for any suspicious activity. Be sure to call the appropriate authorities if necessary.

Home Security Information:

Neighborhood Watch

Calif. Attorney General: Home Security Handbook

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