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Trinity Village Water Company
POB 556 Salyer , CA 95563
530-629-2382 (also FAX #)

Call Water Operator Bill Anderson for all Water Company repairs 530-629-2530 and for after hour emergencies (629-4107).


Water Operator Bill Anderson
and Administrative Assistant Kay Heath



As everyone is probably aware, we have had some difficulties in putting together the purchase of the Trinity Village Water system.  In late November 2012, we sent out ballots and received unanimous support to purchase the water system and approve a Board of Directors.   Out of over 90% of the people responding there were only two “no” votes. The next step was to form a legal entity (a non-profit mutual benefit corporation), install the newly elected Directors, adopt By-laws and then vote to approve a purchase contract.  Since this next step involved the commitment of several thousand dollars in start up costs we thought it prudent to get a verbal agreement in concept of the water rights to be transferred by the Sellers.  As you may recall from the voting information sent out in November, the Sellers only wanted to include some, but not all of the Water rights.  Specifically they wanted to retain some if not all of the pre-1914 water rights.  After some time and delay the Seller's put forth another proposal.  This proposal would transfer all water rights including pre-1914 to us.  In consideration for this the Sellers would receive "free water" to their respective parcels and profit sharing in the event of sales to third parties of "excess water" with an 80-20 split in favor of the Sellers.  After receiving input from various community members and after much discussion an informal meeting took place around Memorial Day between the Seller's and Fred Griffith, Don Trepanier and Jens Sund.  At that meeting, The Seller's had a change of heart and were willing to remove some of the difficult provisions.  Later, we clarified and confirmed the understanding of the terms in written format.  

The terms discussed were:

1)   $250K purchase price

2) No free water to Seller's.

3) All water rights including pre-1914 will be included in the sale.

4)    Seller will carry a $50K note at 6% amortized over 20 years. No prepayment allowed.

5)    If a Buyer is found for "surplus water" any profit would be split 50-50.

As a point of clarification, Seller's also acknowledged that both parties had to approve the sale of "excess water" to any third parties and that the "profit" would be net of any third party costs.  This also gives us the opportunity to make sure it doesn't mess up non-profit status, etc. ahead of time - since we also have to agree. 

So, the purchase is back on track and probably even better than originally thought back in November. The original thought in November was:

1) $250K purchase price -that stays the same

2) No free water - that stays the same

3) No pre-1914 water rights or a small percentage - that changes to all water rights including pre-1914 with the exception of a small portion that was split off and given to Salyer.

4) Seller was willing to only carry $25K.  Now they will carry $50K. This gives us more flexibility.  We had a big concern based on the ballots that several people wanted financing and that we mightnot be able to raise all the cash.

5) This does give the Seller's the ability for additional "profit".   This could be viewed as a negative. However, our main purpose is to provide water at a reasonable rate to community members of Trinity Village. Since we still have the option of saying "no sales" - the 50-50 profit is a mute point unless it makes sense to everyone later on.

We are still at the starting gate on the sale though.  To put the deal under contract we still need to form a legal entity that can contract for the purchase, Install the Board of Directors, Adopt By-laws and get the Water system under contract.  The whole deal is still subject to regulatory approval which could delay things.  

We would like to commend the Sellers for their willingness to address concerns and agree to terms that are mutually beneficiary to all parties.

From the community it is crucial that everyone plan for their respective capital contribution.  The $1400 connection fee per parcel will need to be paid probably around October.   If you are selling your property – it would be prudent to discuss the fee with prospective Buyers, the Realtor, etc.  Since the math is pretty close on paying for the purchase and start up costs, It is really important to pay your respective fee timely so the deal is not compromised.

Call the Water Company's Administrative Assistant Kay Heath for general information and billing inquiries (629-2382).



The Trinity Village Subdivision will have a new water treatment facility soon.  The treatment plant is something that has been talked about for some time and no doubt some thought it would never happen, but the day has arrived.  We expect to have it fully operational by the end of summer.

  These plants can be extremely expensive as you might expect.  To help the Villagers avoid these high cost the Trinity Village Water Company went through a 7 year application process and were able to secure a Grant from the State which will cover the cost of the plant.  This means the Villagers will not have to shoulder the burden of paying back over a million dollars for a state of the art filtration system that will comply with the strict State standards now and in the future. After consulting with our engineers and State of California Health Department we have selected a Pall Aria System.  It is a membrane system; specifically designed to meet the drinking water treatment requirements of small communities.  The Pall Aria systems use Microa membrane modules in a hollow fiber configuration to remove contaminants from the source water.  These modules are highly permeable which allow for high water production rates.  A system already used in Hoopa and in Sonoma County. Our system will be in the very capable hands of Bill Anderson, the Operations Manager.

The present storage facility will be restored and used and another 120,000 gallon storage tank will be added.  In addition, two hydrants will be added to Denny Road and another on Flame Tree Road.  Adding these hydrants will make it easier for Hawkins Bar, Federal and State fire agencies to fill their trucks making our neighborhoods safer.

The plant is expected to be completed by the end of summer.  For those who have recently driven by the old storage facility, fear not, for it might look well bulldozed at present, the final project will be more park-like rather than industrial. A pleasant addition to the neighborhood, it is our hope to be a model site for the State Representative to point to and show other small water companies what is possible to keep it ‘green’.

Once the plant is operational the State will no longer require the boil water notices to be in effect during the summer months when we use the most water.  

The grant funds from the State of California will cover the cost of rebuilding the water treatment facility, a new storage tank, a new main line from the river and new hydrants. It does not cover the distribution system, the lateral lines from the main to each meter.  The Trinity Village Water Company has had the engineers put the plans together to replace the lateral lines and applied for funds under President Obama’s shovel ready projects.  We are awaiting the answer on that application.  

To answer the rate increase question, it’s a little too soon, but as you can see we are doing all we can to keep the rate increases to a minimum.  You should also be aware any increases must be justified and approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.  So in all honesty there may be rate increases, any incidental costs not covered by the grant funds will be passed on to the customers, and the standard cost of living increases.  But these costs are small in comparison to what it would have been without help from the grant funds.  

The Trinity Village subdivision will be very proud to have a brand new water treatment facility that would be the envy of any large community.  This could not be possible without the efforts of Josh McKnight of Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Rick Reinhard of Whitsons, Jeff Zabel of Mercer-Fraser, Tony Weidemann and Mey Bunte of the Department of Health Services, Bill Anderson and Kay Heath of TVWC, and many other too numerous to list we owe our gratitude and thanks.

The Trinity Village Water Company           

the envy of any large community.  This could not be possible without the efforts of Josh McKnight of Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Rick Reinhard of Whitsons, Jeff Zabel of Mercer-Fraser, Tony Weidemann and Mey Bunte of the Department of Health Services, Bill Anderson and Kay Heath of TVWC, and many other too numerous to list we owe our gratitude and thanks.

The Trinity Village Water Company