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Living on the Trinity river is one of the benefits of our community. Here is some information about our river to keep it safe and enjoyable for all of us.

Fall on the Trinity River (Photo by K. Brown)

River Water Safety

On a beautiful Summer day, wading or jumping into the Trinity river can be exhilarating and fun. Sadly, for many it becomes a deadly experience. According to the International Life Saving Federation, 1.2 million people drown throughout the world every year, which equates to more than two persons per minute. Many natural water deaths could be avoided by following basic swimming safety guidelines.

Many things can happen when swimming in a natural body of water. You can get entangled in weeds or tree trunks submerged under the water, swim out too far, and not be able to swim back to shore or get caught in a current and not be able to get free. Accidents happen without warning. It always helps to have someone who can come to your rescue or go for help.

River water is dark and murky and can hide jutting rocks, broken glass, sudden drop-offs and strong currents. Before you jump into the river, examine the area to ensure there is a low-lying place to climb out. It is close to impossible to climb up an elevated or rocky river bank. Stay clear of water currents. If you get caught in a current, slowly swim across the current. Swimming against the current will quickly exhaust your energy

If you can't swim, always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when you go into the water. Don't drink alcohol and swim. Alcohol diminishes your balance, co-ordination and judgment. Never dive head first into a river. Really, if the water is moving, extra precautions need to be taken. Life jackets and even helmets really should be used if boating or tubing in moving water. The river will be extra cold and high through the 4th of July this year. Currents and rapids you remember as mild from last Summer can now be unpredictable. Think your river adventures through. Have the correct safety equipment and plan, then enjoy your day on the Trinity.

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River Updates

You can get all the background and up to date information of the Trinity River flow schedules and releases by going to:
You may also click the flow link below.

You may also subscribe to be notified via e-mail on the release changes at Lewiston Dam. You can do this on line or by calling the Bureau of Reclamation at (530)275-1554 and request to be placed on the automated release notification system for the Trinity River.

Click here for flow schedules

Click here for fishing information

River Road Access Keys

For keys call Dorothy Fullam at 629-3792. The cost is $10.00 each; limit two per family.