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TVIA Board Meeting April 7, 2007
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April 7, 2007
The meeting was called to order by president Gary Standley at 1:10 PM at the home of Naomi Hunt, attendees were:
Gary Standley
Nancy Standley
Greg Mellon
Audrey Brown
Vince Freemantle
Naomi Hunt
Carol Draper
Marilyn Dillard
Rogene Rawlins (visitor)
Glenn Saunders (visitor)
Kent Brown (visitor)
The Minutes from the January meeting were approved with a change regarding the payment to Diana Lynn for the website.  It was clarified that the payment was only to reimburse her and that she did not have a direct charge for herself on the website. 
Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurers report:
                            Beginning  Bank Balance    $5555.91
                            Dues and Keys                     120.00
                            PG&E Jan. thru Mar.                86.73
                            Planning Dept                       250.00    Sign Permits
                            Postage                                   3.90    EPS Notice Property owners
                            Auto Parts                              39.28    Neighborhood Watch Cruiser
                            Building Dept.                       15834    Sign Permit
                            Road Dept.                           100.00    Sign Permit
                            Total Expenses                     638.25
                            Ending Balance                $5037.66
The Treasurers report was approved.
Old Business
1. Gary Standley reported on the sign project.  It has taken 7 trips to Weaverville so far. We have gotten permits from the Building Dept.,the Planning Dept. and the Road Dept. of Trinity County.  Gary Forbes and Paul Antongiovanni have offered their services with their backhoes to help.  Dave Simera will advise us on the construction.  Vince proposed that we should get the river rock from Hoopa.  It would be faster and easier then collecting the rock ourselves.
2. Nancy Standley reported on the website.  She is keeping it updated with any information she collects from the community and the newspapers.  She again suggested that the community use the website to post things for sale or services that they might provide.
3. Gary Standley reported for the Neighborhood Watch.  It has been going well.  We have had requests to check on doors and windows of some part-time residents.  We now have the new cruiser running pretty smoothly.

New Business
1. Glenn Saunders asked about the ruling from the PUC on the new treatment facility for our water department.  As of now, the proposed construction site is the Verizon lot, if it meets the State Department of Health and the PUC requirements and permits.  It was determined that Lot 6 was never put into the rate base for the water company and therefore is not part of the water company.  Greg Melon suggested a condensed version of what was discussed and the findings be put on the website. It was decided that it would be better for any interested person to read the whole document.  Nancy has provided a link to the PUC on our website.
2. The boiled water notices were discussed.  What the water company was doing about the new treatment facility is unknown.  Audrey Brown suggested that we invite the water company to use our Annual Newsletter and our website to keep us posted on the situation.  All of us want good water and don't want to receive boil water notices.  We will also provide the address for the Health Department if anyone has a complaint or needs information.
3. The Annual newsletter was discussed.  Because Dianna Lynn did such a great job last year, we are hoping she will help us again this year.  It was suggested that the notice for dues be a separate part of the newsletter.  It will be on brightly colored paper inside the newsletter.  If needed we will also send out a second notice as it was so successful last year.  The news letter will be out in June.
4. It was suggested and approved by the board to have the center strip on Hawkins Bar Road cleared and cleaned again this year.  We will ask Ron Briggs, who did it last year, and see if he is available.
The July meeting will be held at the Fire House on Sunday July 8, 2007.  The Board will meet at 10:00 AM and the General Meeting will be held at 11AM.  The 4th of July parade will be held Saturday July 7th.  The theme this year is Pirates.  The parade will start at the Fire House and anyone interested in participating should be there by 9AM.  With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Brown Secretary