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A new Trinity Village sign is emerging from the dust of the old one. After over 40 years of welcoming us to the Village, the old sign had to be retired before it fell down. Your dues to the TVIA have made this project possible along with numerous hours of donated labor and materials by Village residents.

A special thanks goes to Gary Forbes, and Paul Antongiovanni for their expertise, sweat equity, and generousity throughout the entire process. In addition, a big thank you to the Simeras (Dave and Jeremy) for their artistry in the mason work.

Gary Forbes, Gary Standley, Matt & Paul Antongiovanni begin the foundation pour for the new sign.

Dave Simera and his son Jeremy put their expertise to work on phase two for the sign.

Gary Standley ,Bob Hixson, and Kent Brown fill the blockwork with cement.

Steve Packard, Kent Brown, Gary Standley, and Audrey Brown place cement on the block base.

Dave Simera teaches the other TVIA volunteers how to place and finish the rockwork.

Audrey and Kent Brown along with Gary Standley do the finishing work on the rock base.

The finished base for the sign.

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