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Board Minutes October 7, 2006

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Board Meeting
October 7, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Standley at approximately 1p.m., at the home of Gary and Nancy Standley. The attendees were:

Gary Standley
Dorothy Fullam
Vince Freemantle
Audrey Brown
Greg Mellon
Nancy Standley (visitor)
Anita Freemantle (visitor)
Kent Brown (visitor)

The minutes from the previous Board meeting were accepted with corrections. Treasurer Dorothy Fullam gave her report. Expenses were $200.00 to Ron Briggs for brush cleaning, $84.59 to PG&E for July, August and September lighting, and $150.15 to Security Lock for keys. The TVIA account balance as of October 7, 2006 is $4,572.59.

Thank you Ron Briggs for the great job of clearing grass and brush from the center divider on Hawkins Bar Road. Sorry about the poison oak.

Gregg Mellon asked about the plans for the new sign at the entrance to the Village. At the July meeting, it was suggested to have something built with rocks and large timbers with metal or wood lettering, similar to the new Willow Creek sign. Gary Standley suggested getting ideas from Dave Simera, Vince Freemantle suggested getting ideas from Brian Gamell, Greg Mellon suggested getting ideas from Steve Nies; on what might look good and what the cost would be. Greg also reminded us about getting county permits and would provide us with a plot plan. Once the cost is determined, we can decide, the type of sign and who will do the construction.

Anita Freemantle reported that the Hawkins Bar Volunteer Fire Department currently has 17 members, 15 responders and 2 dispatchers.

Gary Standley advised us that a newer car may be coming soon from Trinity County Sheriff's Department for the Neighborhood Watch. Kent and Audrey Brown and Naomi Hunt attended the September Neighborhood Watch meeting in Weaverville. Kent and Audrey are now on board as volunteers. They are still looking for more volunteers to help with the neighborhood watch. Each volunteer has the patrol for 1 week.

Because of the interest for a Trinity Village website at the General meeting in July, Diana Lynn has been working to get it designed. The Web address is and it looks great. We look forward to keeping it updated and hope everyone finds it useful and contributes information. There will also be links to the Forest Service and other web sites of interest to Trinity Village Property owners.

Nancy Standley provided us with a new list of paid members to TVIA. There has been a drop in membership and Greg Mellon suggested that a second request for membership be mailed listing the advantages of joining and let the owners know what TVIA is currently working on to improve the Village.. Greg had a copy of a letter and would provide it to Nancy Standley and Dorothy Fullam to update and mail.

A discussion was held about the increase in the amount of crime in the Village. There have been some cars stolen and broken into. The Drug Task Force in Trinity County is aware of the Villagers' concern that it may be related to marijuana growing in and around the Village.

The next board meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2007 at 1pm at the home of Dorothy Fullam.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Brown