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Dear Neighbors,

After 31 years as weekenders, in March 2005 my wife Nancy and I became permanent residents here in the Village. I am Gary Standley and it has been my pleasure to have been your TVIA president this past year. I joined the TVIA when I became a property owner back in 1974. In the 1970s the TVIA's $12 a year dues went towards such projects as eradication of the yellow star thistle and maintenance of the River Road and gate. The goals of the Association were and continue to be:

To promote the health of the community
To promote the safety of the community
To promote the welfare of the community

With this in mind, the TVIA board requested that reflective signs to be placed at the intersections and on the barriers near Madrone by the County Road Department. The old Neighborhood Watch signs have been replaced with updated ones. In addition, California Vehicle Code signs (No Off Road Vehicles) have been placed at 3 locations in the Village due to concerns for public safety expressed by numerous Village residents. To address this, the CHP will be continuing their patrols of the Village.

We are still pursuing our special use road permit for the River Road from Six Rivers Land and Minerals Department which has been delayed due to budget restraints since April 2002. Also, the Trinity Road Department has plans to fill the pot holes and resurface ( oil and crushed rock ) our Village county roads in the near future.

Beautification, building, and remodeling projects can be seen throughout the Village. Many of you are also ensuring a defensible space around your home for fire safety. A feeling of pride of ownership and a sense of community is contagious. We are blessed with a wealth of natural beauty and great neighbors.

This Spring, the Hawkins Bar and Lone Pine entrances welcomed us with colorful daffodils, tulips, and freshly cut grass. This is all thanks to Don Shelton, Nate Turner, Melissa Kinder, Jan Mathews, and Tim and Julie Cruz. In addition, kudos go to those of you who have posted your addresses at the entrances of your property. Some of you were very creative! Our TVIA Map and Community Board in conjunction with these visible addresses are invaluable for emergency and delivery personnel.

The TVIA is your organization. Everyone is encouraged to come to the quarterly board meetings. TVIA's dues are used for improvements and ongoing expenses such as upkeep of the River Road and gate, the Trinity Village Map/Community board, brush clearing on the meridian, the yearly newsletter, and safety lighting. Our next project is to replace the Trinity Village sign. We need your input, ideas, and possible sweat equity for this project. Come to the Annual Meeting July 1st to be part of the planning for this and other future projects. We encourage you to take part in the election of officers and board members as well as communicating anything that you may have for the TVIA to address.

Feel free to contact me at 629-2415 or drop by my home if you have any questions.