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Annual Meeting July 3, 2010
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July 3, 2010

The meeting was called to order by Gary Standley at 11: AM at the Fire House.  

The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  The ending Balance as of July 3, 2010 was $4641.06.

Concerns from the membership were expressed about dogs not on leashes, and barking dogs.  Gary advised that the complaints should be addressed to the dog owners first, and if that does not solve the problem then Animal control in Weaverville should be notified.  The other problem addressed was traffic on the Hawkins Bar Road.  Gary gave out the CHP dispatch number (242-3210) and told everyone to call if they see a problem with unlicensed golf carts and unlicensed drivers on the county roads.  

Fire Chief Steve Packard gave a report on the Fire Department. They have received a federal grant for a new rescue truck.  It will be here this month.  He encouraged everyone to consider volunteering for the fire department.  The meetings are held every Thursday night at the fire hall.  They now have 15 volunteer members.  They respond to local accidents and medical calls. 

He reminded all of us about fire safety and clearing our property of potential fire hazards.  Burn permits are still good, but air quality must be called to find out if it is a burn day.

Danny Walsh gave us a report on the new water system.  It is up and running and is working great.  The filtering system means less chemicals better water, and no more boil water notices.  

Gary Standley reported on the Neighborhood Watch program.  We have 13 volunteers and you will see them cruising the Village in the patrol car.  He also asked if anyone was interested in volunteering.   It is a great way to meet your neighbors and do a good service at the same time.

 Gary Standley thanked Nancy Standley and Cindy Gatioan for doing a great job on the newsletter.  Everyone has really enjoyed the pictures and the information they gathered to put in it.  If any one is interested in helping next year please contact Nancy Standley.

Nancy is still keeping the ( web site up.  If you have any information to put on it, please contact Nancy.

Gary Standley thanked the Water Company and Whitson Plumbing for installing the new lights on the Trinity Village Sign.  They look great.

Gary asked for nominations from the floor for Board members and officers. Mary Brown made a motion to accept the current officers and Board members and Steve Packard seconded.

All agreed

Election of officers:

President Gary Standley

Secretary Audrey Brown

Treasurer Dorothy Fullam

Board members Pat Briggs, Gary Dodson, Nancy Standley

Gary advised that the next board meeting would be October 2, 2010 at the home of Naomi Hunt.

With no further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 11:42AM.

Judy Hixon gave a demonstration on Pet CPR and gave out Pet Emergency  Information Cards to use if you had to leave your pet with someone.  It listed medications and also a permission to treat your pet if it were needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Audrey Brown