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Broad Minutes January 5, 2008

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Board Meeting
January 5, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Standley at 1P.M. at the home of Gary and Nancy Standley. Attendees were: Gary Standley, Nancy Standley, Audrey Brown, Dorothy Fullam, Vince Freemantle, and Naomi Hunt. Due to the weather and road conditions Gary Dodson and Marilyn Dillard were excused. Visitors included: Diana Lynn, Charlene Lundblade, Mary Brown, Ron Wormes, Steve and Beth D'Ambra, Kent Brown.

The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Dorothy Fullam gave the treasurers report:

Beginning Bank Balance $4634.37

Income: 75.00 Dues
10.00 Keys
Total 85.00

Expenses: 43.74 Nancy Standley (Plants/Paint for the sign)
86.16 PG&E (Oct,Nov,Dec)
13.47 Nancy Standley(Flowers for the sign)
Total 143.37
Bank Balance January 5, 2008 $4576.00
The treasurer's report was approved.

Diana Lynn gave a report on the Emergency Auto Call Service. The cost for the service was approximately $14.00. It will be used to notify everyone on Mountain Lion sightings and other immediate dangers. There are now 39 members on the call list. It has been tested and works great. She also asked if anyone would like to be on a second list to receive a reminder call for meetings. If anyone is interested they should let her know.
Gary Standley reported the entrance sign is now complete. The bulbs planted are now starting to come up and the plants are doing well.
Marilyn Dillard had a concern regarding money for the Neighborhood Watch Car coming from TVIA funds. It was decided repairs needed over $500.00 should be done at Weaverville by Trinity County. Gary asked if anyone was interested in joining the program and Ron Wormes and Mary Brown volunteered.
Vince Freemantle also suggested that everyone check to see where their 911 calls would be dispatched from. If you do not have a local address on your phone billing, you might be dispatched from somewhere outside of Trinity County. He suggested that we check with our telephone service or make a non emergency call to 911 and they will tell us if we need to make changes.
Nancy Standley reported on the web site. We now have 103 members and have added 80 E-mail addresses to our list. The web site is averaging 100 hits per month. The address is:

It was suggested that we all make an effort to recruit new TVIA members. We want suggestions and new ideas from as many members as possible.
Diana Lynn had a concern about a house on China Flat Road. It has abandoned cars and a trailer on it. She has taken pictures and asked the TVIA to complete a form to be sent to Trinity County Health Department, in hopes of getting it cleaned up.
Naomi Hunt was concerned about shots fired in the village around 9:30P.M. January 4,2008. The Sheriff was called but they don't have the man power to get here from Weaverville. The suggestion was for TVIA to write a letter and present it to the Neighborhood Watch meeting January 16. We will ask for help and give them our list of concerns for our neighborhood.
Mary Brown brought up a concern for a horse in the village. She does not feel it is getting proper care and will try to contact the owner. If there is no response, she will contact Animal control.
The next meeting will be held April 5, 2008 at 1:PM at the home of Kent and Audrey Brown. 50 Fisher Road.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Audrey Brown

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